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Automatic SSL with Let's Encrypt & Nginx . See update summary at bottom of post for changelog. Note: December 2020 saw the release of v2 of the letsencrypt- nginx -proxy-companion project. I've updated this article to reflect that but will leave the old v1 code in the footer..

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There are few aspects worth noticing in the docker-compose above: the NGINX container supports standard HTTP (port 80) and SSL (port 443) there are 2 services behind the NGINX reverse proxy. SSL.

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Table of contents. Tool Stack ; Architecture: Deploy Nodejs app to ec2 server using Docker container,RDS Amazon Aurora, Nginx with HTTPS, and access it using the Domain Name.

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Step 2: Point our domain to our docker container with Nginx We'll install Nginx on our server to use as a reverse proxy for our Docker containers. We can install it using the following command. sudo apt install nginx If you visit now, you should see the default nginx page. Nginx default page.

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Configure a domain for the application. Start the application using docker compose. Configure nginx to forward requests to app. Update settings in the app. So I recently need to manage some internal projects and don’t want to use a subscription from sites like Jira..

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